Thanks so much for allowing me to make your items for you.  I work hard to give you something that you will be 100% satisfied with. 
Here are some very important things to remember about your order.  I know it might be a little long, but PLEASE take the time to read.
Processing times:
Right now orders are taking about 10 business days, plus shipping.  You'll receive an email from Stamps.com when your order ships, along with a tracking number.

!  PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE email address on your account is one that you check often.  If I have questions on your order, this is the one of the ways I will contact you.  If you do happen to give me your phone number, I will also make one courtesy call. If I have contacted you twice and still haven't heard back from you, I will make the item as I see fit and there will be NO refunds. 

! *****Please ensure that you send me your initials in the PROPER order of  first, LAST, middle for any 3 letter personalized item.  If they aren't sent in that way, I will not be responsible for the wrong order.  Please do not send me the initials in all caps, I need them done like this:  tHc  With the last name being capitalized in the middle and lower case for the first and middle initials on each side of the Capitalized last name *****

!****** Please be sure to order the right size.  We will not remake an item if you order a size that is too big or too small.  If you have ANY questions on how something fits, please email us PRIOR to ordering.   Once the order is placed, the size will not be changed. 

!******* Please also indicate the font that you'd like for all personalized items.  There are pictures  in each one of my listings.  Please tell me the NAME of the font you'd like.  Be specific, as I don't have a "script", "circle script" or "scrolly" font.  I just want to make sure I get the exact font you'd like for your item.  If none is selected, I will use the example in the sample picture.
!******* Because of the nature of our shop and items we sell, there will be no refunds or exchanges or cancellations of orders once placed.  Of course, if we ship you an item and we have sent the wrong size or if initial placement is wrong because of us, we will ship another item to you with no charge. 

I appreciate your business very much!  God Bless,