About Us - SouthernTraditions2

Hello Everyone! 

Thanks so much for stopping by SouthernTraditions2~!

Our name came about when I was trying to get to the "point" of what my business was.  I have to give credit to my husband though.  I'm sure it was after months of my "thinking out loud", (or I'm sure it sounded more like whining), that he came up with SouthernTraditions.  Everything we make and monogram is made with the thought that it will be come a Tradition, or like most things in the South, be a treasure to pass down from generation to generation.  Even our Spirit Jersey's, you say?  Yes, even those!   (Yes, my daughter, for YEARS, used my personalized cheerleading tshirt { from waaayyyy back in the 80's,} for a night gown!  So why shouldn't you be able to keep your Spirit Jersey for generations to use again? 

Our goal is to make something that you would be proud to keep and wear or use!  Pull up a comfy rocking chair on our front porch, grab a cool glass of sweet tea, have a freshly baked piece of pecan pie and peruse our personalized items!  We're sure you'll find something that you'll need to have in your closet or an accessory that's a must-have!